Pathika Schuilinga


1968-1976 educated as a doctor
1976-1978 working in the medical field
1978-1987 on and off in India, America, Osho ashram(Pune)
1988-1990 Antwerp part-time academy of arts.
Since 1990 working as a portrait painter.

Portaits: Done since childhood, I picked up this old love and skill again out of financial necessity but it became a source of great joy, experience and development.
Making a portrait is for me a very special meeting and exchange meeting a person beyond ideas and judgment, seeing a person from a deeper level and bring this out. I,m inspired by everybody from whom I make a portrait.

Painting in nature is as well a way to meet and experience it. A way to really go into the seeing, look as if you see it for the first time and discovering the beauty and endless variety of colors, forms and workings of the light is also a never ending path. In this I am Inspired by Meera Hashimoto and the Chinese and Japanese painters who give so much respect to empty space and spontaneity and being in the moment.
THIS moment.


  colour my world